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We Buy Houses in Florida FAST for a FAIR Price!

Trio Property Buyers will pay CASH for your House in South Florida. We buy all types of houses whether they’re newly built or in dire need of repair.


Sell your house and sell it quick. No need to sit for weeks and wait for a realtor to find prospective buyers. You can immediately get CASH from Trio Property Buyers. We shorten the time it takes for you to get a good value for your property by buying your house on the spot. Call 1-888-874-6289 today for terms and procedures.

Your options when selling a home
For Sale By Owner Realtor Trio Property Buyers
Repairs Yes Yes No Repairs!
House Showings Yes Yes No Showings!
Termite reporting Usually Yes No Termite Reporting!
Clean-up Usually Yes No Clean-up!
Yard “For Sale Sign” Usually Yes No Signs!
Appraisal needed Usually Always with loans No Appraisal!
Marketing Time 4.5+ months average 3+ months average No Marketing Time!
Commission 3% (buyer’s realtor) 6% No Commission!
Closing Costs You pay You pay No Closing Costs!
Funding Usually a loan Usually a loan $ CASH NOW $

Mission Vision Statement

Trio Property Buyers is committed to helping Florida homeowners quickly sell their residential properties. We operate with the mission to shorten the sale process and instantaneously give homeowners the access to the CASH they need.

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